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Attention Canadian Employers!

Whether you prefer hiring local or foreign workers, we’ve got you covered. We can assist with LMIA applications and Mobilité Francophone. Don’t let labor shortages hinder your business growth. Contact us today by submitting your employer submission form.

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Articulate the specific job requirements you’re seeking



Facilitate the process of finding suitable candidates that meet your specifications



Our service involves screening and referring pre-approved candidates for your consideration


To acquire the services of domestic or international workers, Canadian employers can initiate the LMIA process, recruit skilled workers, or employ caregivers by providing comprehensive information through the form provided below.

Enter your

  • Company Details
  • Company Representative Details
  • Job Requirements
  • Education & Special Requirements
  • Benefits
  • Language Skills
  • Background

Employer Submission Form:  Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version

Please download and fill out the Employer Submission form provided in PDF format. Then, kindly send the completed document to the email address enclosed within it.

NOTE: This form is for employers ONLY, not candidates or other applicants.

Job Title, Code, Skill Type

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) system is utilized by Canadian immigration programs to determine the eligibility of a job or work experience. Prospective skilled worker applicants can consult the NOC system to determine if their occupation is classified as NOC Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B, which are considered “skilled” categories. You can conveniently locate your job title, code, and skill level by utilizing this system 

Find the NOC information from this table that best matches your jobs